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Visit Fort Vancouver!
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Portland State University Department of Anthropology presents their annual First Thursday lecture series. All talks begin at 4:00

April  5.  Elizabeth Oliver & Sally Bird (USACE).  An overview of the cultural resources program at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

May 3.  Robert David (The Klamath Tribes; UC Berkeley, PSU Alum) The Rock Art of Petroglyph Point, Lava Beds National Monument.

The AIA free public lecture series takes place at Reed College.
Visit their website here for the complete schedule.

Norton Lecture -Mistaken Identities: Tracking Down Roman Emperors in Modern Art (Mary Beard, University of Cambridge)

Thursday, March 22, 2018
6:30pm, Vollum Lecture Hall

Abstract: This is a lecture about the representation of Roman emperors in Renaissance and later art — why were they such a popular subject, were they just wall-paper for the elite (why choose such a bunch of murderous thugs as a badge of status?), and how we are so bad at identifying them.

The 2018 PSU Archaeology Roadshow will be taking place at the PSU campus on June 2, and in Burns on June 9. Read all about it here>>




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