Suggested Reading

Archaeology of Oregon  by C. Melvin Aiken
Overview of the prehistory of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Peoples of the Northwest Coast: Their Archaeology and Prehistory
by Kenneth M. Ames and Herbert D.G. Maschner

A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest  by Robert H. Ruby

The People of The Dalles  by Robert T. Boyd

Visions in the Mist: The Rock Art of Celilo Falls  by James D. Keyser et al.

Echoes of the Ancients, Rock Art of The Dalles-Deschutes Region  by James D. Keyser et al.

See all the books published by the Oregon Archaeological Society   here

Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia
Edited by Robert T. Boyd,  Kenneth M. Ames and Tony A. Johnson

When the River Ran Wild! Indian Traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation
by George W. Aguilar, Sr

Exploring Fort Vancouver
Edited by Douglas C. Wilson and Theresa E. Langford

Artifacts of the Northwest Coast Indians  by Hillary Stewart.

Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast  by Hillary Stewart

In Search of Ancient Oregon: A Geological and Natural History  by Ellen Morris Bishop

For teachers:

The Archaeology Education Handbook, Sharing the Past with Kids  edited by Karolyn E. Smardz and Shelley J. Smith. Published in cooperation with the Society for American Archaeology. Please see their website( ) for further information to order the book.

Learning by Doing, Northwest Coast Art  by Karin Clark


Other General Books on Archaeology:
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Archaeology, edited by Andrew Sherah. A global overview of archaeology.

The Archaeology Workbook, by  Steve Daniels, Kent V. Flannery and Nicholas David.

The Next Archaeology Workbook by Nicholas David, Jonathan Driver and Curtis Neil Runnels. (Both are recommended by the American Journal of Archaeology.)

Arctic Crossing: A Journey Through the Northwest Passage and Inuit Culture, by Jonathon Waterman.

Journey through the Ice Age, by Paul G. Bahn. Focuses on rock art and some artifacts of 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

The Practical Archaeologist, by Jane McIntosh. A general overview of how archaeology is done.

Smithsonian Timelines of the Ancient World. A Visual Chronology from the Origins of Life to AD 1500. Published by Dorling Kindersley and edited by  Chris Scarre.  An excellent resource for any teacher interested in global archaeology.

Atlas of Archaeology. Published by Dorling Kindersley.  Another extremely useful classroom resource on general archaeology.


Magazines & Webzines:
Archaeology Magazine – Offers current archaeological information. For further information on the magazine go to:

American Archaeology – Published by the Archaeological Conservancy.  Find information on this organization and their publication at

Anthropology in the News – .  A website courtesy of Texas A & M that sets breaking news articles on archaeology from a wide variety of news organizations.

Archaeologica – a website that includes articles, and news stories from news organizations from all around the world.