Additional Resources

In addition to our web links page,  here are a few more resources and ideas for Educators:

Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies offers many free educational resources on archaeology and other science activities most are free of charge for one copy. Excellent materials available to teachers for all grade levels. See section for students. Also includes list of books and periodicals, and links to  other educational websites.

National Park Service. Good overall site for teachers interested in archaeology curriculum.

Society for California Archaeology. Offers lesson plans for teachers and an extensive reading list as well as descriptions of archaeological activities happening in California.

OAS Membership – Members have monthly meetings where guest speakers discuss archaeological discoveries and work in Oregon, the nation and around the world. The   monthly newsletter, Screenings, offers articles, a calendar of events, including opportunities to work on local digs, rock art and other archaeological research activities (see Basic Training below).  Members also have access to the OAS library.

OAS Basic Training  – Every year in February and March, OAS offers  6 classes to train non-professionals in archaeology.  The sessions are held on Saturdays and focus on the history of archaeology in the Northwest, artifact identification, prehistory and history of the Northwest (including its tribes), rock art, laws and ethics of archaeology, excavation, lab work, map & compass and site survey work.  Class sizes are usually limited to 40. Students 16 years and older are invited with either a parent or a teacher. Additional information  on Basic Training is available on this website, or in the OAS newsletter, Screenings.

Oregon Archaeology Celebration – Each year from mid-September through mid-October professional and amateur archaeologists, concerned citizens and American Indians volunteer their time and talents to celebrate Oregon’s rich and diverse history and prehistory. A calendar of events on  this celebration will be included on this web site later in the year.