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Next OAS General Meeting January 2, 2018 7pm at OMSI.

Our special guest speaker will be Dr. Tom Connolly
from the University of
Oregon, on
“Archaeology of a Pioneer Family

Cemetery in Western Oregon, 1854-1879.”

Bones inadvertently found during a 2008 excavation for a hospital in western Oregon, led consulting archaeologists to find more bones and, eventually, to discover a forgotten late-19th century cemetery. The cemetery site was eventually found to contain 12 graves—8 were empty, but four remained intact. Newspaper archives from 1901 provided an answer for the empty graves.

Mid-to late-19th century burial patterns of ornamentation and hardware follow a general trend in American cemeteries from coast to coast. This cemetery is a noteworthy example of this synchronicity. The lecture, “Archaeology of a Pioneer Family Cemetery in Western Oregon, 1854-1879,” by Dr. Tom Connolly, will discuss and illustrate such burial patterns during the decades following American settlement of the Willamette Valley by Oregon Trail pioneers. The lecture is sponsored by the Oregon Archaeological Society.

Connolly received his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Oregon and since has then served as the Director of Archaeological Research at the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History & State Museum of Anthropology. He leads a team of archaeologists who conduct archaeological research, perform cultural resource management studies, and teach archaeology classes and field schools. He also assists state police and medical examiner offices on forensic cases. His archaeological research focuses mainly on the Pacific Northwest, including the Pacific coast, the western interior valleys, the Columbia Plateau, and the Great Basin High Desert; but he has also done fieldwork on the northern Plains and in Scotland. He has worked extensively with archaeological museum collections, particularly ancient fiber artifacts (such as basketry and sandals) recovered from Oregon caves and rock shelters. Connolly has written, co-authored, or edited 13 books plus additional, numerous publications.


OAS Lecture Series 2017-2018

September 5, 2017: Dr. Michael Anderson,
Archaeologist, Associate Professor of Classics at San
Francisco State University. Topic: Pompeii’s
development and how urbanism grew in the Roman
October 3, 2017: Dr. Quentin Mackie, Archaeologist,
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of
Victoria, B.C. Topic: Evidence of earliest human
habitation sites off the NW coastline: newest findings
November 7, 2017: Dr. Beth Horton, Archaeologist,
Yellowstone NP.“Fire and Ice: Environmental Change
and Archaeology at Yellowstone National Park”
December 5, 2017: Christopher Dewey, Maritime
archaeologist with Maritime Archaeological Society in
Astoria: Topic: Update on ongoing surveys off the
Oregon coast for sunken ships, including the Beeswax
Wreck Project.
January 2, 2018: Dr. Tom Connolly, University of
Oregon, Eugene: “Archaeology of a Pioneer Family
Cemetery in Western Oregon, 1854-1879.
February 6, 2018: Mini Sharma-Ogle, Archaeologist,
PGE. “Cultural Resource Matters at PGE—Powering
Our Future While Preserving our Past.”
March 6, 2018: Jenny Huang, Archaeologist with
Bureau of Reclamation in Boise, Idaho: “A Place of
Power, A Place of Petroglyphs: Importance of the
Watson Rock Art Site near the Owyhee River.
April 3, 2018: Bill Layman, Columbia River historian,
Wenatchee, WA. Topic: Vantage, Washington rock art
May 1, 2018: Dr. Ken Ames, Portland State University.
“Thirty Years of Household Archaeology at Meier and
Cathlapotle: An Update.”

OAS General Meetings are held at the auditorium at
The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
OAS business meetings convene at 7pm,
with the lecture following at approximately 7:45.

The OAS General Meeting and the lecture are free and open to the public.

1945 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR 97214-3354

OAS Board Meetings convene at 5pm before the general meeting, and OAS members are welcome to attend.
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